Double Eagle Outfitters, Mountain Goat Hunting

Great Territory with Abundant Moose Hunting

Double Eagle Outfitters, Moose Camp

Excellent Black Bear Hunting, Spring or Fall

Nez Camp

The Nez Camp area has three cabin camps located in different places throughout a sub alpine moose meadow landscape. This portion of our area is a natural and undisturbed special management area. A great place for fair chase traditional hunting.

We access this area with 8 wheel drive argo’s on our hunting trails. It is a great place for moose, wolves, grouse and some black bears. A very scenic area surrounded by mountains. There is excellent fishing for small rainbow trout in surrounding small lakes. Hunters of all ages can enjoy this area although it is a little more physical demanding than the other camp areas.

Every Camp has access to a walk in cooler for meat storage. Taking care of the game meat, capes and trophies is our top priority