Double Eagle Outfitters, Mountain Goat Hunting

Great Territory with Abundant Moose Hunting

Double Eagle Outfitters, Moose Camp

Excellent Black Bear Hunting, Spring or Fall

Middle River Camp

Our largest camp and hunting location has the greatest variety of hunting. There are three separate sleeping cabins, guides cabin, dinning room – cooks cabin and a shower house. There is also two storage sheds, generator shed and a walk-in cooler for meat storage. We hunt this portion of our area by boat, atv and 4×4 vehicles plus there is lots of hunting by foot if desired

This area is great for hunting moose, mountain goats, black bear, wolves, grouse and grizzly bear in a countryside of rivers, lakes, mountains and reforested areas. There is also tremendous fishing opportunity for large lake trout and rainbow trout. A hunter of any physical condition could enjoy this large hunting concession.