Double Eagle Outfitters, Mountain Goat Hunting

Great Territory with Abundant Moose Hunting

Double Eagle Outfitters, Moose Camp

Excellent Black Bear Hunting, Spring or Fall


We have several great hunts still available for spring black bear, fall moose and mountain goat hunting.

2016 Hunt Dates Available
2016 Hunt Dates Available

Hunts available for the 2016 season. We have dates available for the spring black bear hunts, May 16 to 20, May 30 to June 03 and June 6 to 10. Moose hunts still available, Sept. 10 to 17, Sept. 20 to 27, Oct. 1 to 8, Oct. 12 to 19 and Oct. 23 to 30. These are great moose hunts for trophy and meat hunters, very high success. Book early for the 2016 hunting season to get the camp, guide and hunt of your choice.